Tara in Shanghai: major stopover in a mythical city

© Noémie Olive / Tara Expeditions Foundation

18 April 2018

Tara departed from Xiamen, continuing her one-month tour of China. A 5-day journey to arrive in Shanghai, one of the world’s largest mega-cities. 

As we departed from Xiamen, the sun hailed the schooner by plunging into the China Sea and sending out rays that tinted the clouds pink, like the brushstrokes of a great calligrapher. Two white dolphins even came to complete the show.
Tara traveled 550 miles (1,018 kilometers) to Shanghai |– 5 days of crossing, including one at anchor. That was a funny day, when Tara had to wait off the coast of the city, as if on a parking lot at sea, amidst dozens of cargoes, container ships, trawlers and fishing boats, before she could go up Shanghai’s Huangpu River. Then, as we finally sailed up the river the city’s skyscrapers emerged from the mist.

1.proue_Tara_perle de-orient@Noemie_Olive© Noémie Olive / Tara Expeditions Foundation


Shanghai, a mythical city in full swing

Shanghai offers a stunning spectacle: it is one of the most populous cities in the world, with 24 million inhabitants and nearly 1,000 skyscrapers at least 30 stories high. The recent Shanghai Tower, the second tallest building in the world, dominates this “standing city” with its 630 meters.
In the harbor Tara occupies a place of honour, moored in front of the Oriental Pearl Radio and TV Tower with unique architecture composed of several spheres. For many visitors it is a symbol of Shanghai.

Night and day the schooner is rocked by the constant passage of boats. The maritime traffic never stops. Not far away is the Bund, a seaside promenade lined by European-style buildings and some futuristic ones with acid colors reminiscent of the world of Disney.

Tara will host many events involving partners and will continue our educational mission, welcoming Shanghai’s schoolchildren aboard the boat.


Noémie Olive

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