Etienne Bourgois

© Etienne Bourgois F.Latreille Tara Expeditions


He runs the Tara Expeditions Foundation with Romain Troublé, executive director of the project.

“agnès b. and I acquired TARA in 2003 to create Tara Expeditions. This project began from our shared passion for the oceans and a humanistic and committed vision. Thanks to the legendary schooner, built for extreme conditions, we act to promote environmental protection and research. TARA’s expeditions focus on 2 main scientific themes: the Ocean and climate change. These expeditions result from international collaborations with scientific institutes and provide tangible findings on these themes. To date we have completed 4 major expeditions: Tara Arctic, Tara Oceans, Tara Oceans Polar Circle and Tara Mediterranean.

Every day, Tara Expeditions works to enhance environmental awareness among the general public and young people, and encourages politicians to take ecological actions. This exceptional vessel must pursue her mission as ambassador of the world’s citizens and remain a catalyst of energy to address the essential question that arises for each one of us: What future are we preparing for our children? This has been my motivation for more than 10 years and the foundation of the Tara Pacific expedition.”