Martin Hertau

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Team on board

Captain, French.
Captain of Tara, Martin Hertau is from Saint-Malo. Sailing since adolescence, he obtained his captain 500 certificate in 2004 and the mechanic 750 kilowatts in 2011. He has always been attracted by polar regions, and in 2008 the opportunity arose to work in northern Norway. He will spend there three seasons as captain then three seasons in Spitsbergen. His experiences then led him on the east coast of Greenland, and in Antarctica. It was during an Antarctic Peninsula return that he “encountered” Tara in Puerto Williams in Chile. In August 2011 he embarked on Tara for the first time during the Tara Oceans expedition. Then he sailed as a captain during Tara Oceans Polar Circle in 2013. He will be captain in turn with Samuel Audrain throughout the Tara Mediterranean expeditions and then for the Tara Pacific expedition.