Join us for #OceanforClimate Days at the COP21

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Speak for the ocean during the COP21!

From December 2 to 6, the COP21 will wear the ocean’s colors to raise awareness about its major role in the fight against global warming. This action aims at involving as many actors as possible, from civil society to decision-makers including socio-economic actors and the scientific community.

On December 2,  an “Ocean” event proposed by France and organized by Peru during the « Resilience » day of the Action Week will permit to enter the ocean on the agenda of actions that are in favor of mitigation and adaptation to the climate change.

On December 3, the “Ocean and Climate Forum” will launch this broad mobilization. During this day, the civil society’s Climate Generations Areas will be dedicated to the ocean. It is the first time the ocean will have such an important part in a Climate COP. Organized by the Ocean and Climate Platform, the Intergovernmental Oceanic Commission (UNESCO) and the Global Ocean Forum, this forum will bring together scientists, economic actors, civil society and youth representatives as well as decision-makers to debate on the many links between ocean and climate. Many side events such as public screenings and animations will accompany this forum. Everyone is welcome to attend the sessions and participate.

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On December 4, the “COP21 Oceans Day” will introduce a more institutional sequence. Organized by the Global Ocean Forum with the Intergovernmental Oceanic Commission (UNESCO) and the Ocean and Climate Platform, this conference aims at strengthening States’ ambitions and actions for the oceans within the climate negotiations.

On December 5 and 6, a week-end of animations for the general public and the media on the links between ocean and climate will take place all around Paris. The objective of these two days is to expand the global mobilization for the oceans within the climate negotiation.


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