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February 24th 2016 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Oceanic Plankton, Climate and Development Project will contribute to a better management of Marine Research through the TARA OCEANS Scientific Program, encouraging the development of models and indicators for the observation of biodiversity based on the planktonic system. This Program will develop a research partnership involving at least six countries from the South, establishing links with international institutions and decision-makers communities. The added value and project innovation lie in the fact that no observation program of marine ecosystems has also extended models and data to include planktonic systems.


Components of the Program:

1)        Science: contribute to strengthening research activities of TARA OCEANS consortium by completing OCEANOMICS project, and initiate the development of new models and indicators based on the observation of plankton and its correlations with marine ecosystems.

2)        Capacity building: develop an international program for structuring research on ocean life based on the experience of TARA OCEANS, involving emerging and developing countries, to improve their capacity to participate in this field.

3)        Governance: make available scientific results to ocean governance multilateral institutions, such as CBD, UNFCCC, DOALOS; and Nairobi / Noumea / Abidjan conventions.

4)        Awareness: Communicate the importance of marine ecosystems, including areas beyond national jurisdiction, in connection with TARA’s expeditions.


See the workshop agenda.