Stopover in Vlore (Albania)

© Y. Chavance/Tara Expéditions.

From July 15 to 19

FOR THE FIRST TIME TARA WILL BE IN ALBANIA for a stopover in Vlore from July 15th to 19th

Tara will make a stopover in one of the country’s oldest port city, located on the Adriatic Sea, 100 kilometres south of Tirana. Although Tara has been crossing the seven seas for a long time now, the schooner had never made landfall in Albania before. 

This stopover, organized in close cooperation with the French embassy in Tirana, will give the opportunity to keep on raising awareness and informing the public about the environmental issues that have been feeding Tara’s commitment for 10 years, especially during the Tara Méditerranée expedition. These four days will host many different activities with various conferences, an exhibition, boat visits and film screenings.

The exhibition “Our Planet Ocean” will be held from July 16th to July 18th in Vlore’s European information centre. It will give the public the possibility to understand that the Ocean is the cradle of life on Earth and covers three quarters of our blue Planet. 

On July 16th, after visiting Sazan island, the Albanese local authorities will come aboard to sign the convention between the French Coastal Conservatoire and the newly created Albanese Coastal Zone Management Agency. This island is currently under the rule of the Albanese military forces and its access is strictly regulated. Signing a convention between France and Albania represents a crucial step that might lead to change the island’s status and turn it into a Marine Protected Area.  

On July 17th, scientists from Tirana, the country’s capital, as well as from the University in Vlore will meet Tara Méditerranée’s scientific team. A seminar will take place in the University. Albanese and French scientists, Sajmir Beqiraj and François Galgani, will present the general situation about the Mediterranean’s health condition as well as the potential solutions for its protection. The students and scientists will then come aboard Tara for lunchtime and visit the schooner.

Last but not least, on July 18th, our program will be consecrated to this expedition’s educational perspective. The schooner will welcome aboard children from three orphanages in the region who will, after the boat visit, discover the exhibition “Our Planet Ocean.”