Exhibition “L’eau de la Mer” (Water of the Sea) at Tara Base!

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From June 1-26, 2015

Aboard the legendary boat Tara, scientists and artists have worked together since 2003 on various research projects and environmental protection. Many artists, including agnès b., initiator and main sponsor of Tara Expeditions, have already participated and created works during the various expeditions.

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After his experience as an artist-in-residence aboard Tara, Rémi Hamoir, professor at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, proposed that 1st year students and their instructors work on the theme of plankton. This project became the first exhibition at Tara Base — “Tara and the secret world of plankton”– presented again at the “Pavillon de l’eau” (Paris 16) from June 5 to September 5 by “Eau de Paris” in partnership with Tara Expeditions and the ENSAD.

This year the 1st year students worked on the theme “Water of the Sea.” They first experienced the marine environment during a stay in Lorient highlighted by a day of sailing aboard Tara, a thrilling adventure. Each student then worked on an art project.Through the  students’ creativity, the public is invited to discover Tara’s missions revolving around the relationship between Ocean and climate, Ocean and pollution, and Ocean and biodiversity.


Useful information:
Tara Base, 11 Boulevard Bourdon, 75004 Paris
Free exhibition open to all
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday from 11h to 18h (note: the Base will be closed Monday, June 8)
June 16, 2015

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