Exhibition “Tara, a Mediterranean voyage”

© S.Couzinet/Tara Expéditions

From June 9 to July 18 2015

­Tara, sailors, scientists and artists: a Mediterranean Voyage. Exhibition at the agnès b. “Galerie du jour,” June 9 to July 18.


A few words about the exhibition:
From June to November 2014, Tara hosted 11 artists for 2 to 3 weeks each.
One expedition with 2 objectives: for scientists, to study the presence and impact of plastic waste in the Mediterranean Sea; and for artists, to record this experience.
The schooner, more accustomed to polar ice caps than the balmy climate of southern Europe, became a scientific and artistic platform for 7 months with the sailors’ expert guidance.
Working in various media, from immersive video to abstract drawings based on macroscopic imaging, the artists became researchers and enthusiasts of this fascinating element.
The Mediterranean Sea was the setting for this joint venture between 3 vocations, so close yet so distinct. Plastic, mark of our society, was the common denominator. The exhibition “Tara, Sailors, Scientists and Artists: A Mediterranean Voyage” transcribes the shared adventure and   personal paths.

A few words about the artists:
The sea as a model, coasts resembling a distant planet: Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques sculpts enigmatic images, an American night with disturbing rocks. At the gates of abstraction, Emmanuel Regent draws in black and white the shimmering surface of water in repetitive forms and strange movements.
Far from cliché images of a voyage on sunny shores, Katia Kameli descends with her camera into the depths of the ship where light is dim and movements are like a ballet. Yoann Lelong also describes these movements and everyday sounds of the sailors in a double installation, both audio and video.
In a triple-screen silent video, Malik Nejmi experiments with a classic form — the narrative of sea crossings and the people involved, at the same time an inner journey and portraits of travelers. Clemence Lesacq takes on this same epic theme of maritime odyssey literature.
Scientists and artists have always observed and inspired each other, and sometimes blend their approaches. Carly Steinbrunn and Lola Reboud elicit from their voyage certain forms of scientific rigor to create spaces of freedom: Carly revisits diagrams, and Lola makes surgically precise photographs.
The exigence and aesthetic of scientific analysis also inspired the American photographer Spencer Lowell who captures the poetic forms of useful technology.
Painting and drawing were for a long time the only tools for documenting the sea and sailors.
Lorraine Feline imagines and expresses a sense of fantasy thanks to video and watercolor.  Christian Revest also uses watercolor to show daily life aboard Tara in a hyperrealistic style.
Thus the most modern science meets a century-old graphic technique.

A few words about agnès b.:
Patron of the arts and collector for 30 years, agnès b. promotes artists in her 3 galleries around the world: the “Galerie du Jour” in Paris; a boutique-gallery in New York (50 Howard Street); and a gallery-bookshop in Hong Kong. agnès b. also publishes “Point d’ironie,” an art newspaper conceived in collaboration with the curator Hans Ulrich Obrist and artist Christian Boltanski.

Participants: Etienne Bourgois – President of Tara Expéditions ; André Abreu – Environmental and climate controller at Tara Expeditions et Coordinator Livre Bleu ;  Lotfi Chraibi – Professor at ENSA Tanger ; Serge Orru – Environment Counsillor at la Mairie de Paris.

Partners: DiMED ( Division Interministérielle pour la Méditerranée) ; l’Agence de l’Eau Rhône Corse Méditerranée ;  Surfrider Foundation Europe

Practical informations about the gallery:
Open from tuesday to saturday, from 11h to 12h30 and from 13h30 to 19h
Gallery: tel. 01 44 54 55 90
Email: jour@agnesb.fr
Adress: 44, rue quincampoix, Paris 4ème

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