Tara Oceans expedition in NewYork

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From February 5 to 12

Tara’s stop-over in New York and meeting with the Secretary General of the United Nations

For the last and most important stop-over in the USA, the Tara team had a series of strategic meetings in New York, before heading out to sea for the return trip to Lorient, France. 


Besides the many schools that came aboard to visit, public conferences, and various encounters with prominent Americans, the stop-over in New York represents an important step for Tara in consolidating our partnership with the United Nations in view of the Rio+20 conference in June – an international meeting that will accord a large place to negotiations about the future of the world’s oceans.

Among the high points of last week, priority goes to the historic meeting of agnès b., Etienne Bourgois, Romain Troublé and Eric Karsenti with the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, who reaffirmed his engagements concerning the oceans, and saluted the Tara Oceans project as an example to be followed by the scientific community. Ban Ki Moon, speaking in French, agreed to support the activities proposed by Tara at the Rio+20 conference, and has been especially invited to the screening of the coming Planet Oceans film. Several other important meetings took place in New York, involving the continuation of the research done by Tara Oceans and its international impact:

- Public announcement of Tara’s partnership with UNESCO/IOC by its director in the USA, Philippe Kridelka

- Meetings with the heads of the United Nations Department of Public Information, in view of a collaboration on a campaign about the oceans at the Rio+20 conference.  «Tara’s visit to New York is a good opportunity to raise the awareness of the public about the issues that will be discussed in Rio», said the UN Under Secretary General of Information Kiyo Akasaka. «The goals of the Tara Oceans expedition are totally in phase with our campaign «The Future We Want» and will resonate with everyone concerned about the oceans and the environment.»

- Meetings with the directors of PNUD, UN Oceans and UNCSD to find convergences and common actions for Rio+20, but also future participation of Tara Expeditions and the Tara Marine Foundation as a consulting group to the UN in a follow-up to current negotiations concerning:  the application of UNCLOS legislation about the oceans; the implementation of a system of international observation on ocean acidification; the new agreement about coral reefs proposed by the ICRI. Tara is sponsored by the United Nations Program for the environment since 2004.