Tara exhibition in Tokyo

© IMT Special Exhibition "Marine Organisms" at the Intermediatheque (Tokyo) Museography © UMUT works 2013

Starting October the 11th 2014 until January the 7th, 2015

The JP Tower Intermediatheque of Tokyo is highlighting Tara’s work with the exhibition “Marine Organisms : Tara Expéditions and the Marvelous World of Plankton”, starting October the 11th 2014 until January the 7th, 2015. 

Christian Sardet, CNRS research director at the Villefranche-sur-mer Observatory and scientific coordinator of the Tara Oceans* Expedition (2009-2012) exhibits his photographs of plankton and of his trip onboard Tara.

*The Tara Oceans Expedition aims at getting a better knowledge of plankton ecosystems. For three years, scientists have been collecting samples aboard Tara to quantify plankton communities so as to establish a description of the state of this ecosystem.

Along with this exhibition, a talk about the Secret World of Plankton has been held on September the 19th 2014 by Romain Troublé, Secretary general of Tara Expéditions and by Christian Sardet, it was moderated by Takenori Sasaki, associate professor at the University Museum, the University of Tokyo in Taxonomy and Paleontology. For further information, click here.


The exhibition on the Tokyo Intermediatheque’s website.

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