Welcome on Tara’s new website!

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June 2014

Accessible to everyone in an easier-to-use version with more graphics and interactivity, the site will continue to relay the expeditions and life aboard the schooner Tara.

The site will be organized around the 4 main themes of Tara Expeditions: science, environment, education and art. Dedicated content will be available and easily shared on social networks. You will also find the logs of Tara’s two major round-the-world expeditions over the past 10 years,Tara Oceans and Tara Arctic, via a chronological series of images.

A media library will allow you to easily access Tara’s different resources: photos, videos, newspapers, books, documentaries and educational worksheets related to Tara’s main themes. The ocean, sustainable development, climate change, biodiversity and major environmental issues such as plastic pollution and waste management will also be covered.

A section on education, especially dedicated to teachers, will provide content and lesson plans. Teachers will find specific information to use with their students in the context of school programs. They will also find tools for teaching science and technology, mathematics, life and earth sciences, physics, chemistry, technology as well as geography, art, or French language. Primary school teachers will also find many ways to illustrate their courses.

The schooner’s route will be shown in real time on an interactive map corresponding to the expedition’s logbook. A virtual tour will allow you to visit the schooner’s interior as if you were there.

The Tara Expeditions agenda will list important happenings: exhibitions, stopovers, and the program for Tara Base – Tara Expeditions’ new location on the Port de l’Arsenal de la Bastille (11 boulevard Bourdon, 4th arrondissement, Paris) which will soon host lectures and films.

An online store will offer a range of Tara products. With their purchase, you can support the teaching and research missions of Tara Expeditions.

Finally, you can sign up for a bi-monthly newsletter which will keep you informed of environmental news from Tara Expeditions, the calendar of stopovers, and scientific discoveries.

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