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By purchasing our products, you are supporting Tara’s missions.

After launching its new website during the summer of 2014, Tara Expeditions opens an online boutique !

Tara Expeditions has been active since 2003 in favor of the environment by organizing scientific, educational and artistic expeditions aboard Tara. The legendary schooner sails the oceans of the world to study and understand the impact of climate change and the ecological crisis on the ocean, to meet the public, share knowledge and promote awareness of current environmental issues.
Tara Expeditions missions are divided into three programs: Ocean and Man, Ocean and Biodiversity, and Ocean and Climate.

By purchasing our products, you support Tara’s missions and manifest your commitment to environmental protection!

The new Tara T-shirts are made exclusively using wind and solar energy, and are branded Earth Positive, Climate Neutral by the Carbon Trust, a program that seeks to reduce CO2 emissions and promote high environmental standards.

Currently available in our store and available all over the world:

– The clothes of the crew (T-shirts, sweat-shirts, fleece jackets,  polo shirts…)
– Documentary films about expeditions (in DVD and Bluray)
– Books (photography books, children’s books, expedition logbooks)
– Accessories (watches, bags, caps, badges…)


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