The schooner is preparing for the Tara Pacific expedition

© F.Aurat/Tara Expéditions

Until 28 May 2016

After the COP21, Tara and her crew left Paris and sailed down the Seine, arriving in Lorient for a few months. The schooner prepares for the new expedition which will take place in Asia and the Pacific Ocean over the next 2 years (2016-2018) to study coral reefs.

On Wednesday, February 17, Brigitte and Thérèse, Tara’s 2 original engines retired after 25 years of loyal service. They will be recycled for use on other boats.

Two new generation and less polluting engines manufactured by Cummins will be installed on April 5. The extraction of the historical engines is also an opportunity to completely overhaul the engine room.

This major cleanup combines with another aspect of this exceptional operation: setting up the boat for Tara Pacific. This requires installations on deck and in the rear where a lab will be installed hold for the coral.

Finally a rejuvenated Tara will be launched on  April 15th.

The schooner will leave Lorient on May 28 for the Tara Pacific expedition. More info coming soon, stay connected!


Après 35 000 heures chacun au service d’expéditions autour de la planète, les moteurs babord et tribord, prendront un nouveau départ pour une deuxième vie

Ascension finale pour Brigitte et Thérèse, les moteurs Bâbord et Tribord de Tara