Rendez-vous with the Ocean at the COP22

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7-18 november 2016

After the success of the COP21 in Paris, another victory celebration will take place at the COP22 in Marrakech: the implementation of the Paris Agreement in record time – less than a year after its signature by the UN member countries. For Tara Expeditions Foundation this is very good news – that climate issues are permanently on the agenda of political leaders and today it is no longer possible to deny the need for urgent action to limit climate change and its impacts.

This is why the Tara Expeditions Foundation will be present in Marrakech to give the Ocean a voice, and to mobilize decision-makers and the general public through several events.


- For the ocean, what progress and challenges?

We may rejoice that the Ocean has been taken into account in the Paris Agreement, but a great deal of technical work is necessary to turn this recognition into concrete actions and agreements in each country. For the COP22, we expect a formal decision from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) calling on countries to include “marine” elements in the national contributions (INDCs) which were recorded in Paris.

Alongside the more technical work with negotiators and experts, it will be essential in Marrakech (as it was at the COP21) to mobilize the general public so that the Ocean will be recognized as a vital ecosystem for the climate, impacted by the consequences of climate change.


- Events and campaigns of the Tara Expeditions Foundation

I - With the Ocean and Climate Platform, we will work to bring the Ocean’s voice to the general public, youth, businesses and civil society.
Forum Ocean and Climate / green zone (open to public) November 11

II - The initiative Because the Ocean was declared at the COP21. We are now launching a second statement with the signature of new states, and a specific medium-term goal: to create the technical conditions necessary so that several countries will take into account the Ocean  in the revision of planned national contributions in 2018.
Because the Ocean / France Pavilion, November 14 at 18:30

III - The Ocean Action Day: Organized by UNESCO / IOC, FAO (UN Food and Agriculture Organization), the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the Ocean and Climate Platform. A whole day dedicated to the Ocean as part of the Agenda for Action with the presentation of concrete projects by the FAO, IOC and other organizations.
Ocean Action Day – Morocco Pavilion, November 12 from 10h to 16h

IV - Mediterranean Session – Organized by France and Morocco and supported by Minister Ségolène Royal who launched a “Partnership for the Mediterranean” during the conference “Our Ocean” in Washington in September 2016
Ocean and Mediterranean Session – Morocco Pavilion on  November 12, 18h

V - Coral Reef Session – In the context of the Tara Pacific expedition, we are participating in a session focusing on the impacts of climate change on coral reefs, co-hosted by Australia, the ICRI (International Coral Reef Initiative) and other participants.
Side Event: Coral reefs / place and date to be confirmed



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