World Ocean Day 2017

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June 8th, 2017

[New York – Fiji – Paris] For World Oceans Day, the Tara Expeditions Foundation will engage with policy makers, citizens and young people in 3 places across the world. After 31 days of sailing, Tara will reach the Republic of Fiji where the Tara team will co-organize a meeting with experts and stakeholders from small islands, entitled “Pacific Voices for a Global Ocean Challenge”. In New York, at the United Nations headquarters, the Foundation will exercise its role as Special Observer during the first UN conference dedicated to the Ocean and its sustainable development. Finally, in Paris, an Open Campus is being organized in collaboration with UNESCO to promote awareness among young people.




The Tara Expeditions Foundation will actively participate in the UN Ocean Conference taking place in New York from June 5 to 9. This is the first United Nations conference dedicated to the Ocean whose purpose is to catalyze progress. States will debate the Ocean Sustainable Development Goals (SDG #14) and the means to achieve them. They will have to endorse a road map for “blue” sustainable development in accordance with the decisions taken at the Rio+20 Summit in 2012, where all nations agreed on overall objectives aiming at building by 2030 a development model in harmony with the planet. This conference is literally a “Call for Action”. We must capitalize on it and any other opportunity to lay the foundation of a concerted action in favor of sustainable development of the world’s oceans. It is also a unique opportunity to focus at the highest level on some of the most urgent challenges for marine science today.

Follow live events alongside Romain Troublé (Twitter: @RomainTrouble), executive director of the Tara Expeditions Foundation, and Andre Abreu (Twitter: @AndreAbreuTara), responsible for Environment & Climate Policy. For more information, click here. #SaveOurOcean #SDGs




On the other side of the planet, the schooner Tara will be in Fiji, with an intensive scientific program on corals centered around the Tara Pacific expedition and outreach activities involving local stakeholders. At the same time as the New York conference, the Tara scientists and team will engage with the institutions, people, youth and children at the University of the South Pacific in Suva for two days of scientific, political and civic lectures, in cooperation with the Government of Fiji, the French Embassy and regional partners. The timing could not be more appropriate to make our voices heard. “Pacific Voices for a Global Ocean Challenge” will spread the message from the Pacific nations at the UN Ocean Conference.

SDG14 Conference Poster


Conference: the first session will present how scientific discoveries based on field work contribute to implement sustainable development policies in the Pacific Ocean. The second session will illustrate successes in managing projects on sustainable marine resources in the Pacific region. The third session will introduce the latest scientific discoveries.

Two programs are available: the main event, and side events.

During the conference, an art and photography exhibition will be held at the “Oceania Art Gallery of USP” from June 6 to 14. The Tara Expeditions Foundation will also organize an exhibit at the Alliance Française in Suva at the French Cultural Center.



The Tara Expeditions Foundation will organize in partnership with UNESCO and its Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, a new meeting with young people, dedicated to the ocean, the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and the Tara Pacific expedition.

Several secondary school classes will attend a new edition of the OPEN CAMPUS at UNESCO headquarters. In one of the auditoriums where representatives of States usually preside approximately 300 students will take seats. Much like young decision makers, they will discover how an organization such as UNESCO contributes to ocean preservation, as well as the work of the Foundation and collaborating scientists.



Junior Taranauts’ live chat with the United Nations in New York

Junior Taranauts will raise awareness among other young people by presenting their own research work and scientific journalism conducted in the framework of the “Graines de Reporters Scientifiques” project. These young ambassadors of the Ocean will seize this unique opportunity to deliver in person a strong message to representatives of the various States gathered in New York, calling them to engage in concrete actions in favor of the Ocean.

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