Francis Latreille

© Expedition Tara Arctic ©F.Latreille/TaraExpeditions

Francis Latreille, photographer and painter. Born January 8, 1948 Poilly-lès-Gien in the Loiret. In 1967, he took the initiative that will change his life: he left the banks of the Loire and moved to Israel in order to “cover” the Six-Day War. Three months later, on his return to France, a reporter and photographer was born. In 1973 he moved to France-Soir, for which he travels the most sensible places in the world. In 1995, he accompanied Jean-Louis Etienne in the austral and boreal lands (North Pole expeditions in Antarctica, Patagonia, Spitsbergen, Greenland, Siberia). In 1998, he won the World Press Photo. Since 1998, he participated in the expedition “Mammuthus” in Siberia and publishes its reports in major newspapers around the world (GEO, Paris Match, Le Figaro Magazine, Life, Time, Newsweek, The International Herald Tribune…).

In 2000, he won the first prize at the International Scoop Festival of Angers.
He wrote many books, “Tara, a schooner for the planet”, published by Guerin in 2005 is one of them. He often embarks onboard Tara.