François Bernard

© Francois Bernard

François Bernard, 47 years old, is a photographer from Chamonix who knows the polar regions inside out, having crisscrossed them for more than twenty years. He has participated in many expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctica, with every imaginable means of transportation, including skis, ULM, caterpillars, modified DC-3s, and the schooner Tara. Among the many destinations he has visited : Resolute Bay, the North Pole, Bering, Wrangel in the north; Vostok, the South Pole, Mount Vinson in the south. Francois Bernard is at home in all these inhospitable but legendary places.
From his many trips, François Bernard has brought back hundreds of black and white photographs that capture unsuspected treasures of these regions, witness to the upheavals of our planet. Ice, the mineral world, wildlife, scientific research, transportation” no aspect of the polar regions escapes his precise and fascinated eye.