Guillaume Bounaud

© G.Bounaud/Tara Expéditions

Born in 1975, Guillaume Bounaud developed a passion for photography and imagery as an adolescent, at the same time he acquired a definite taste for adventure and travel.
He taught himself photography with a Nikkormat at age 15. He also became interested in cinema and made his first short film in 16mm, when he was 18. Since then he has made other shorts films, several documentaries, “making ofs” and music videos. But photography remains his connecting link.
Guillaume takes his cameras wherever he goes, following his instinct to capture slices of life, adventure and joy through portraits, but also as photographer on movie sets, with many portraits of actors.
He participated in the Tara Oceans expedition in 2010, on the leg between Buenos Aires and Ushuaia.


Portrait de l’artiste :