Lola Reboud

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Lola Reboud was born in 1982 in Marseille.

She studied at the Beaux Arts in Paris–Cergy and then at the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris. She currently lives in Paris.

The confrontation between the individual linked to the place he lives and his relationship to climate, are the starting points of her work. Combining photographic wandering with concern for documentary precision bordering on news, she tells stories where geography is as important as the subjects, and the common thread is the relationship we have with climates. These recent projects initiate conversations with geographers and designers. These collaborations are developed in various media: textiles, wallpaper, poster and projections. In the exhibition space this takes the form of in situ installations.

Her work is regularly exhibited in France and abroad including CentQuatre–Jeune Création, PhotoLevallois Festival, ParisPhoto, Galerie du Jour agnès b., Alliance Française Espace Dupon, Nooderlicht Photofestival, Photaumnales de Beauvais, the Box, MarseilleProvence 2013–Capital of Culture, Kyotographie Kg+ and recently the CCO Art Center–Osaka. In 2013 she won the C.N.A.P. scholarship for documentary photography for Climates II, a project in progress in Japan.

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