Marteen Stok

© Pete West / BioQuest studios


Born in 1987, Marteen Stok is a professional musician who works and writes music in touring (inter)national bands, for film and theatre. He  also is a science teacher in high schools.

Both in the biology of micro-organisms and in his creative work the ocean is a unifying factor. Marteen grown up around the north sea and it  inspired him to sing. He made an entire album during his first sailing trip. The TARA-experience will be a source of inspiration and material  for him as an artist and as a teacher, two beautiful tools to create a better world, as he said. Through this experience, he wants to create new  music and raise awareness.

He will compose a soundtrack onboard, at the end of the year, especially for the expedition. This music will include both songs and instrumental melodies. He will finish the songs and melodies in a professional studio.


Photo © Jonny Ladeur