Audio notes from the first musician aboard : Maarten Stok

© Eric Rottinger / Tara Expeditions Foundation

The first musician aboard Tara for an artistic residence, Maarten Stok is also the first Dutchman to take part in this great adventure. He is one of eight artists selected to participate in the Tara Pacific Expedition.

The Dutch flag brought in his suitcase still waves on the schooner’s deck where he hung it. And we still hear humming or whistling, here and there, the songs and rhythms he played for 15 days with his guitar. Before disembarking, Maarten was on Tara’s microphone sharing his experience in an audio and musical performance. He explained the reasons for being on Tara, his creations and his scientific and acoustic discoveries while onboard. Listen to and experience his residency aboard Tara at Palaos.

A video shot with music : Nicolas Bin, first mate; Maarten Stok, musician-in-residence, and Samuel Audrain, captain – © Eric Rottinger / Tara Expeditions Foundation


Listen to the interview of Maarten Stok :


©erottinger-0092Maarten during a free dive – © Eric Rottinger / Tara Expeditions Foundation

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