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The ocean can become a place of artistic experimentation and encounters aboard Tara. As part of the Tara Pacific artists-in-residence program (2016-2018), the schooner will welcome aboard in 2017 Enrique Ramirez, a young Chilean filmmaker/activist, originally from Santiago. His latest creation “The Gravedad” is currently on display in Paris, an occasion to discover his work before he embarks aboard Tara.

For Enrique Ramirez the sea is a recurring theme, full of meaning and history. “In Chile, when you contemplate the sea along the 4,300 kilometer coastline, you’re contemplating the place where opponents of the dictatorship were thrown, tied to pieces of railway tracks, erased from the world.”  Enrique Ramirez infuses his work with memory, both personal and national, fluctuating between poetry and political engagement.

The ocean, endless source of inspiration, synonymous for him with melancholy, has a mirror effect: « Contemplating the sea, is like contemplating the stability of the world. It alone has not changed. Yet contemplating the sea also means contemplating its instability, its changing moods, thus seeing it as a metaphor for humanity – always in an uncomfortable position in an unstable world, with the sea as its mirror.»

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Aboard Tara in 2017

On board, he plans to make a series of films and photographs tracing the history of the Pacific. An oeuvre he wants to accomplish in the form of Latin-American but also world memory.

Through his work aboard Tara, Enrique Ramirez also intends to approach the Pacific as a place where science fits into ocean policy, and from this develop a deep reflection on maritime laws.

Making a red sail aboard Tara is also part of his project – a red sail he can hoist, work on aboard, then display on land. A sail like a marine map that will enable him to trace Tara’s journey during his residency, assembling selected pieces of his experience at sea, day after day, like a logbook.

Portait and creation to discover

On the occasion of his latest creation “The Gravedad,” Arte broadcast a portrait of him on October 26 which can be viewed via Replay.  His work “Brises” is currently on display in Paris until 17 December 2016.

Useful information :

Gravedad exhibit (one man show):
October 20 – December 17, 2016,
Galerie Michel Rein, 42 Rue de Turenne, Paris

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