Drawing the ocean by Maki Ohkojima

© Maki Ohkojima

Telling stories of the ocean by means of drawing and painting, I will try to send a signal to the future generation”: meeting with Maki Ohkojima, second artist to get onboard!

Fascinated by the world around us, Maki Ohkojima will be the second artist who will be onboard for the Tara Pacific artistic residencies. Few days before boarding, the Young Japanese painter returns to her artistic career and her Tara project.


Ohkojima-wings-bright© Maki Ohkojima


Maki, tell us about yourself …

My name is Maki Ohkojima. I was born in 1987 and grew up in Higashikurume (Tokyo), Japan, which abounds in spring water.
I’ve been drawing since I was 3 years old. I received an M.A. degree in 2011 from the Joshibi University of Art and Design, Department of Painting.

I’ve exhibited works in Japan and China, and done artists’ residencies in Poland and Mexico. I’ve done mural paintings in India. As a regional project, I painted the ceiling of Minamisawa Hikawa Jinja, a shrine in Higashikurume. At present, I am making constellation paintings for the Planetarium at the Tamarokuto Science Center in Western Tokyo.


What can you tell us about your present artwork?

I strive to adopt the views of many creatures besides myself—the forests that surround living creatures, breeding fungi, birds easily crossing the border, monkeys awakening— and try to depict the world’s story as the collected memories of many creatures.


Let's talk about story of big sky.2© Maki Ohkojima


Can you say a few words about your art project aboard?

By taking part in the Tara Pacific expedition, I would like to look at the world from the viewpoint of marine organisms: what is the world like for them, how is the world made, and how do they spend their time?
Telling stories of the ocean by means of drawing and painting, I will try to send a signal to the future generation, about humans’ way of associating with the sea.



What do you expect to discover living aboard Tara with the team? Have you ever sailed before?

By learning about the coral ecosystem during the activities of the TARA team, I will be in touch with the ocean’s biodiversity and life on the seabed. I will try to elucidate the fact that humans are also a part of the whole living organism.
I expect to realize the wonderfulness of mother sea and the importance of environmental preservation. I may also feel stressed because I’ve never spent any time on a boat.


Species grow thickly© Maki Ohkojima


Maki Ohkojima will board from Guam (January, 28) to Yokohama (March, 19) looking for the magnificence of Ocean, through paintings and videos. She will also help Tara crew during the different stopovers open to public, thank’s to her cultural and linguistic knowledge of Japan.



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