Auction in favour of the Tara Expeditions Foundation at Artcurial

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Press release – 14/06/2018

The Tara Expeditions Foundation, in collaboration with agnès b. and the agnès b. endowment fund is organizing a charity auction in partnership with Artcurial on June 27, 2018. Thirty artists have offered their talent and created an original work using a scale model of the hull of the Tara expedition boat. artistes artcurial 2

All funds raised will be donated to the Tara Foundation–involved for 15 years in actions favoring the environment, marine research and protection of the Ocean. Since 2003, at the initiative of agnès b. and Etienne Bourgois, the Tara Expeditions Foundation has been organizing missions with the schooner Tara as a scientific research platform to better understand the impact of global warming on ecosystems.

Four major expeditions have collected valuable data that will help scientists to anticipate the evolution of the Ocean. From 2006 to 2008, Tara was adrift in the Arctic (100 years after the explorer Fridtjof Nansen) studying this very vulnerable region. From 2009 to 2013, the Tara Oceans expedition explored plankton in all the oceans of the world and established the first planetary inventory of plankton. In 2014, Tara investigated plastic pollution in the Mediterranean Sea, the most polluted sea in the world. Since May 2016, Tara has been traveling the Pacific Ocean to discover the hidden biodiversity of coral reefs.


Romain Troublé, executive director of the Tara Foundation remarks: “Artists and scientists have interacted since the beginnings of the great naturalist expeditions. The worlds of art and science are supposed to be foreign to each other, but actually are mutually inspiring, offering a new way of observing and decrypting the world. For our Foundation, having some of the biggest names in Street Art support science with Tara is an original and very innovative way of bringing together disciplines”.

Commitment is also a key word for the agnès b. endowment fund, a guiding principle with 3 inseparable axes: solidarity, creativity and environment.

This auction for the benefit of the Tara Foundation is also a strong gesture on the part of many daring creators, artists that the agnès b. ‘Gallerie du Jour’ discovered and has been exhibiting for a long time (since 1989!).

 Artcurial’s commitment to associations and favorite causes has found a particular resonance with the organisation of this charity sale. In recent years, Urbain Art has emerged as one of the most dynamic sectors of the art market. A pioneer in this specialty, Artcurial has become one of the international leaders with strong ties to artists and collectors”, says Arnaud Oliveux, director of Urban Art at Artcurial.

Funds raised in this auction will allow the Tara Foundation to continue its development of high-level science and bring new knowledge to the greatest number of people. Throughout the world Tara is raising awareness about the marine environment, especially among the younger generations. All along the schooner’s route, we are inspiring people to learn about and understand tomorrow’s Ocean.