Behind-the-Scenes in a Laboratory

© Benjamin Flao

 An innovative way to give students a taste for science and the scientific method

“Behind-the Scenes in a Lab” takes you to the heart of scientific investigation by featuring instruments used by researchers. Learn about their history, how they are used and their contribution to scientific research today particularly in the context of Tara’s missions. 

The 8 devices selected for the year 2014-2015 are simple, accessible to all, and easily manipulated.They offer opportunities to learn about major contemporary issues: biodiversity, evolution of the ocean environment, climate change, and many others addressed in the science curriculum, but also outside of school. These issues are the main focus of work done during Tara’s expeditions, and in the scientific research laboratories that are partners in Tara’s mission.

Some laboratory material is used for collecting samples, such as plankton. Other equipment is used for conservation or analysis: microtubes, microscope, Petri dish, pH paper, ruler, scale.   The data acquired, and related GPS localizations, require further analyses by computer.

Researchers welcome you (read their interviews) in laboratories working with Tara expeditions, and images are available to put the instruments in context. We also offer suggestions for classroom activities, applicable in one or more subjects, often in connection with official school programs. In addition to our  website with general information,  you’ll find complete files that can be downloaded in pdf format.

A poster of the laboratory is distributed free on request, and lets you paste-in images of the instruments being studied.

“Behind-the-Scenes in a Lab” is a great way to stimulate curiosity of young and old alike.

Go behind-the-scenes on our dedicated website … and enjoy exploring!