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Do you have a particular project? Our education specialist can help you build projects around Tara. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us.



Tara Expeditions offer a great many possibilities for doing projects with children of all ages. Our education specialist can help you to implement and publicize your own projects – those not proposed within the established framework.

This offer can work at all levels – elementary, middle school, high school, and even kindergarten or pre-school.

A non-exhaustive list of subjects: biodiversity, environment, geography, language, arts, technology, French language, sailing


Do you want to work on plankton, coral, or biodiversity with middle and high school students? 

These subjects were the focus of the Tara Oceans expeditions. Although scientists need time to decipher all the information collected aboard Tara, many resources already exist on all these subjects. Our education specialist can help you to:

Communicate with researchers

Find photos

Navigate among the many resources on the website

Find information on other websites

Link up with associations that organize activities on these topics

Procure data on Tara’s expeditions

Showcase your work at end-of-the-year forums


You’re working on the global environment:

Since Tara’s first expeditions, the environment has been our main concern. Tara is a polar sailboat: scientists were able to closely observe the effects of global warming. We have many resources in this area to share with you. We also can facilitate networking with researchers, and link you with sources of images (as in the previous project).


Would you like to work on geography – discovering the world with primary school children?

Tara’s journeys inspired many images of stopovers, landscapes, people around the world, and some direct encounters with local people.

Our education specialist can help you to:

Use the archives of our various sites and find articles, photos, videos

Find a teacher to correspond with in a country that interests you

Showcase your work at end-of-the-year forums, and on the website  < >


If you want to work in a foreign language

Each stopover is an occasion for meetings between local authorities and French representatives. Many schools visit the boat. Our website exists in Spanish, English and Portuguese, thus encouraging work in these languages. We can

Find a class for you to correspond with

Showcase your work on our websites


If you have an artistic project

Art is an integral part of the Tara project. Since the beginning, artists have been in residence aboard the boat. Photographers, illustrators, filmmakers, sculptors have produced works from their Tara experience.  We can:

Showcase your work on our sites

Exhibit your work during forums

Link you with a “Tara” artist


Other scientific and technological projects

Tara Oceans is suitable for many projects concerning technology (mechanics, scientific imaging and instrumentation) and science (physics, chemistry). Tara uses advanced techniques in many fields and can serve as an example in many subjects. We can:

Send your questions to engineers aboard Tara

Put you in contact with scientists

Provide data

Provide documentation

Present your work at forums, and on the Tara Junior website


Projects in French language arts

Various reading and writing projects based on the expedition can be developed


Our various programs

Publishing young peoples’ reports on the website

Transmitting your questions to the crew for interviews

Publishing articles by students on the  <tarajunior >  website

Establish connections with the boat, at stopovers, etc.


Sailing and ocean navigation

We can also provide many resources in this area. Tara is a sailboat, and of course navigation is an essential element. We can help you:

Find articles related to navigation

Contact Tara’s crew

Find photos of the boat

Procure videos of the boat and life aboard


Other ideas

You can simply follow the adventure, write to the crew, send us messages, drawings (we’ll send them back to you) or any ideas that come up. We are interested in hearing from you!