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This project addresses the question of professional orientation in a creative and active way, using portraits of people who have participated in Tara expeditions.

(The Tara team – on board and on land –  brings together men and women from very different backgrounds: scientists, sailors, mechanics, cooks, lawyers and journalists. These people work in various associations, private enterprises or public institutions.)

Following a Tara expedition provides an opportunity to focus on these interesting professionals and deal with questions concerning the personal orientation of individual students.

Designed by Erwan Tanguy, professor of Economics and Social Sciences in Vannes, the program offers a series of activities to be conducted over a short or long term.

The aim is to develop the skills needed to construct a student’s personal career orientation project: an ability to get information and advice, and to evaluate and make use of this input.

Each activity sets goals at varying levels. The goals are motivating: prepare interviews, report on the work to the rest of the group, pool knowledge, modify one’s representation of different professions, and at the same time enrich one’s self-knowledge.

This program can interest all levels of middle and high school students, all disciplines, as well as individual orientation sessions (eg, personal assistance in high school). Implemented by the Academy of Rennes, the project benefits from special support within the Academy, but can in fact be used by teachers everywhere.  Opportunities for correspondence with “Taranautes” are attributed primarily to the Academy of Rennes.


Coming soon in English :