A Young Girl’s Impressions

© Cyanne Bougeard. Y. Chavance/Tara Expéditions

Cyanne, 11 years old,  is leaving the schooner after 15 days aboard during which she wrote about her adventure for Tara’s website. Between terrible seasickness and the joy of encountering dolphins, here are her impressions of the voyage.

How did you find the atmosphere on the boat?

Aboard Tara, it’s quieter than in the city. There are no cars and we’re pretty much alone, except for when we pass other ships. My favorite place onboard was at the front of the boat, on Tara’s nose. I liked to sit at the front, where I could see all around, totally surrounded by the sea. I had the impression of being very small facing the ocean.

What are the things that surprised you most?

I had already been aboard when the boat was in Paris, but this was really different. I didn’t think that I would be so seasick. And I wasn’t aware that there were chores, nobody had told me! What was weird too, was having so many people onboard. With 15 it was sometimes a bit tight. Wherever you go on the boat, someone is already there. But in fact, it didn’t really bother me.

It wasn’t too difficult to tell about your adventure on the website?

It was sometimes hard to write every day, and I often couldn’t find time to do it. Normally I had to write one text per day, but it was more like one every 2 days. And sometimes it was difficult to explain the life we had onboard. Even if lots happened during the day, I still didn’t know how to say it so that people on land would understand.

What are the things on land you missed most?

Although I was glad to be on board, there were many — my family, my mother, my little sister. On board, there was no internet or phone, just a special address for sending emails. And of course I’ll be happy to see my room and my bed! On Tara, there are 2 people per cabin, and it’s very small. There’s no desk, just 2 beds and some drawers. I prefer my room on land!

What is your best memory?

The first time I saw dolphins. I had already seen some, but only in aquariums. On Tara, it’s really not the same thing. Someone shouted that there were dolphins ahead, and I ran to the front, knowing they don’t stay long, so I’d better move fast! I didn’t see many that jumped out of the water, they just surfaced a bit to breathe, but that was already great. When you see them right next to us like that, it’s magic.

And your worst memory?

Seasickness! I didn’t think that I would be so ill. It’s horrible, you have to lie down all the time, and you can’t move. You just want it to stop and that’s why I was very happy arriving at Ustica! But afterwards, when you get over it and you’re not sick anymore, it’s just great. In the end, even being seasick, I would love to come back another time on Tara. What I like about the boat is experiencing something that others do not.


Interview by Yann Chavance