School year 2014/2015

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Tara Expeditions – Educational Programs

In your classroom, follow Tara’s expeditions and the research activities of partner laboratories

Many themes can be discussed: the role of oceans, environmental issues, climate change, biodiversity, marine ecosystems, marine pollution, the scientific method. Discover what goes on behind-the-scenes in a laboratory or on a Tara expedition.

Each year, Tara sets up a variety of programs, giving teachers and their classes a chance to experience the scientific expeditions of the schooner.

For the year 2014-2015 this is what we offer:

- Behind-the-Scenes in a Laboratory

Level: elementary and middle school
An innovative way to give students a taste for science and the scientific method

“Behind-the-Scenes in a Lab” takes you to the heart of scientific investigation, featuring the instruments used by researchers. Learn about their history, how they are used and their contribution to scientific research today, particularly in the context of Tara’s missions.
Find out about the whole program on the website

- From Boat to Lab

Level: middle school and high school
Living Science
Discover with your students scientific research conducted by the laboratories that participated in the Tara Oceans expedition. Be in direct contact with researchers.

“From  Boat to Lab,” supported by the French Institute of Education (IFE) and the Academy of Rennes, is an in-depth project to do with your classes, using data collected aboard Tara. The aim is to address scientific issues from a new and very specific angle, linked directly with current research on the oceans.

This program also serves to illustrate certain concepts treated in school curricula, and gives teachers the opportunity to be in contact with researchers from several laboratories that process and examine the samples and data collected during Tara’s expeditions.

  – “Orientations: Active Guidance Counseling”

Level: middle and high school
Address questions of career guidance in an original way

 Based on portraits of the many interesting people who participate in Tara’s expeditions,

this program approaches questions of professional orientation in a new and active way.

- Custom-made accompaniment

All levels

Our education specialist is here to help you build projects around Tara. You can contact him directly: