Students in Brittany will follow the Tara throughout the entire duration of the Tara Oceans Expedition

© Tara Expéditions / Les élèves de la Région Bretagne suivront Tara Oceans

This expedition is an extraordinary opportunity to increase awareness among young people concerning the environmental problems of our planet. Tara Oceans’ educational program was recently launched in Brittany. Designed for teachers, our program provides educational materials and organises workshops for their classes. The program also aims at reaching children directly through “Club Tara Junior? via newsletters, experiments, interviews, games and contests.

On December 11, the Rennes school district and the CRDP of Brittany (Centre Régional de Documentation Pédagogique) signed a partnership agreement with Tara Oceans expedition that launches our program on a national level. This partnership aims to develop educational tools so that classes can follow the expedition, with a focus on scientific subjects, education for sustainable development, and interdisciplinary themes concerning the ocean.
In Brittany, this operation called “Following Tara? involves 60 schools — more than 2000 students!  On the program: students will meet with scientists, Tara team members, or have long-distance discussions with the onboard crew.

An agreement was signed on November 20 with the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad). Nearly 500 French high schools abroad are invited to participate in the Tara Oceans educational program, called “Lycées du grand large?. Meetings with students are organised every time Tara arrives in a port. For example in Tangiers, Naples and Beirut, high school students met with the Tara crew and scientists. The goal of this operation is to encourage awareness of the environment, and to demonstrate the essential role of scientific research in understanding ecosystems.

To participate in the Tara Oceans educational program, email: