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When a group of young people discover Tara, the encounter often leads to rich educational projects and dynamic learning experiences. Here’s a description of the visit of middle school students from the Collège Marie Curie (Paris, 18th) and one their original creations.

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Tara was in Paris during the COP21 to represent the voice of the oceans. This was an opportunity to welcome many school groups. A class from the Collège Marie Curie in Paris (18th) made a report on their morning spent aboard Tara and inside the “Ocean and Climate” Pavilion.

Three highlights of the program: A complete tour of the boat gave students a glimpse of life on board and the functioning of a scientific expedition. Inside the Pavilion, a guided visit of the exhibition “The Ocean in the 21st Century” explained the connection between ocean and climate, and the possible consequences of ongoing changes on ecosystems and humans. Finally, around an aquarium composed of many species from the Brittany coast, mediators from Oceanopolis (Brest) discussed the great challenges confronting the ocean.


La Classe Durable
© La Classe durable

This busy half-day was an inspiring moment for the students and teachers who used it to initiate or illustrate different themes: biodiversity, science, climate, travel. It was also an instigation for writing and initiating new projects. An excellent photo-reportage was done by the students, engaging them in new skills: taking photos, selecting meaningful images, reviewing learned material to highlight the most important, using computer programs, etc.

Visiting Tara and the Ocean Climate Pavilion awakened the curiosity of the teenagers, introduced them to new areas of knowledge, and launched a dynamic: Teachers can now use the educational tools provided by Tara to go deeper in this learning experience.


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