“The Wonderful Expedition of TARA – 2″ on NHK

© François Aurat / Tara Expeditions Foundation

“Across the Pacific, Save the Coral Reefs!”

This spring, after nine months of sailing across the Pacific Ocean, Tara, a French marine research ship, arrives in Japan for the first time.  Its mission is to conduct a research of coral reefs, which are now in danger of extinction, over a range of 35000 kilometers.

On the pier of Kobe Port are Takeshi KITANO, the Japanese Ambassador of Tara, and Hidetoshi NISHIJIMA, who saw off Tara in France last year.  The two welcome Tara and visit the ship to see with their own eyes the unique life on the sea of the members of Tara Pacific Project.

The scientists dive into the Japanese seas and are shocked to see dramatic changes taking place under the water; coral reefs have moved northward and now are seen even in Tokyo Bay; in Okinawa, the fight against the coral bleaching continues.  What will the future sea look like, if it gets more acidified and no fish or shellfish survive?

NHK has followed Tara’s expedition for one year and documented it in detail as dynamic 4 K pictures.  On the Ocean Day night, this documentary could be a good occasion for everyone to think about what can be done to pass down to the next generation the riches of the ocean.



【Guest Stars】 Takeshi KITANO

【Reporter and Narrator】 Hidetoshi NISHIJIMA


Broadcasting Time:
Monday, 17th July 2017 (Ocean Day)
NHK General TV 22:00~23:13