Video: Revival coral garden in Salomon Island

© Vincent Hilaire / Tara Expeditions Foundation

Tara’s crew had the opportunity to meet Peter Graywin in Salomon Island. Peter has always lived in the lagoon of Marovo, the second largest lagoon in the world.

That’s where Peter was born, grew up in the middle of the coral, that’s where he’ll go. But before that, he would like to try to save coral.

He imagined building an eco-lodge on the island and planting a coral farm in the water. If there are many tourists, companies that exploit the wood and pollute the lagoon will have to take this into account. This is the crusade of Peter Graywin, what he wants to return to nature. He also wants to transmit this inheritance, this treasure, to the future generations.

Meeting with one of the elders of Marovo lagoon.

© Vincent Hilaire / Tara Expeditions Foundation

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