11 countries sign the “Because the Ocean” declaration at Tara’s Pavilion

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On the eve of the official opening of COP21, government representatives and civil society attended Because the Ocean, a high-level event at the Climate-Ocean Tara Pavilion.

Next week, as the world is hoping for a strong climate agreement, the Ocean, a vital element in the equation is often overlooked.

Because the ocean is the single most important driver of our climate and Earth systems, responsible for half the oxygen we breathe; it has been silently shielding us from far more intense and accelerated impacts of climate change by absorbing 90% of the excess heat and 25% of the carbon we produce.

Romain Troublé, Secrétaire Général de Tara Expéditions

Romain Troublé, Secretary General of Tara Expéditions

This evening, 11 countries signed the  “Because the Ocean” declaration, which calls for:

1) A special report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on the ocean,

2) A UN conference on Ocean and Seas to establish a regular review and benchmarking of SDG 14, the Ocean Sustainable Development Goal, and

3) The implementation of a working group  under the UNFCCC which aims to develop an ocean action plan.

Read the full declaration.

They signed the declaration:

•       Environment Minister, France, Ségolène Royal,

•       SAS Prince Albert II de Monaco,

•       Environment Minister, Canada, Catherine McKenna,

•       Kiribati President, Anote Tong,

•       Palau Président, Tommy Remengesau,

•       Sweden Cooperation and Development Minister, Isabella Lövin,

•       Inia Seruiratu, Minister for Agriculture, Rural and Maritime Development and National Disaster Management, Fiji,

•       Foreign Affairs Minister from Chili, Heraldo Muñoz,

•       Minister of Regional Planning, Infrastructure and Integration, Aruba, Oslin B. Sevinger,

•       Director General, National Institute of Ecology and Climate Change, Mexico, Dra. Amparo Martínez Arroyo,

•       Deputy Permanent Representative, New Zealand Delegation to the OECD, Paris, Rebekah Riley

In a private ceremony in Le Bourget, HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco has welcomed signatures of five more country representatives:

•       Hakima El Haite, Minister of Environment, Morocco

•       Ralava Beboarimisa, Minister for Environment, Seas and Forests, Madagascar

•       Dr. Hans Hoogeveen, Vice-Minister of Agriculture, The Netherlands

•       Valvanera Ulargui, Climate Change Office Director, Spain

At a third and final private signature ceremony hosted by the Chilean delegation, seven more countries have endorsed the Because the Ocean declaration:

•     Edgar Gutiérrez, Minister of Environment, Costa Rica

•     Pablo Viera, Secretary of State for Environment, Colombia

•     Didier Dogley, Minister of Environment, Seychelles

•     Barros Bacar Banjai, Secretary of State for Environment, Guinea Bissau

•     Mariline Diara, Director for Environment, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Senegal

•     Zoila Gonzalez de Gutierrez, Vice Minister for Environment, Dominican Republic

•     Kelly Pearce, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Australia

We are happy to report that along the COP21 the #BecausetheOcean group has grown to 22 countries.

Déclaration Because The Ocean avant la COP21 au Pavillon Tara Océan & Climat

Signatories of the “Because The Ocean” Declaration at Tara’s “Ocean and Climate” Pavilion

The “Because the Ocean” initiative was born from six partner organisations:

•  The Government of Chile,

•  The Government of France,

•  The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation,

•  The Global Ocean Commission,

•  The Policy research Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDRRI)

•  The French ocean organisation Tara Expeditions


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