Ocean & Climate at the signing of the Paris Agreement


The French president of the COP21 renewed her commitment to include the Ocean in climate negotiations during the high-level event held yesterday at the UN headquarters in New York.  The Round Table entitled “The Ocean, a solution for the climate and sustainable development”, chaired by Ségolène Royal – President of the COP21 -, reviewed the actions and challenges related to the ocean since the COP21. Participants in this meeting included several Ministers and Ambassadors of countries committed to the Ocean, such as Chile, Monaco, Fiji, Australia and Mauritius, as well as representatives of research institutions, and of international organizations such as the World Bank.

After the introductory speech recalling the actions taken during the COP21 and presenting the upcoming deadlines, Heraldo Munoz, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Chile, introduced the “Because the Ocean” initiative, launched in Paris at the Tara “Ocean & Climate” Pavilion during the COP21 and signed by 22 countries. The Chilean chancellor also emphasized the need to continue to implement the Sustainable Development Goal regarding the Ocean (SDG No. 14) and to ensure its realization.


Cyril Tricot est en train de travailler sur un récif. Cyril Tricot est le cameraman sous marin de l'émission «Ushuaïa».


The Prime Minister of Fiji Islands, Frank Bainimarama, later presented the broad outlines of the future UN conference on the Ocean to be held in Fiji in June 2017, which the Tara team will attend during the Tara Pacific expedition. The objective of this conference is to support and clarify the decisions to be taken in favor of sustainable management of the ocean.

Hakima El Haite, Minister of the Environment of Morocco, announced the Kingdom’s commitment to the Ocean and its desire to make the issues of the marine world central to the COP22. The Prime Minister of Monaco, Serge Telle, welcomed the decision of IPCC climate experts to issue a special report on the Ocean, thus highlighting the needs in terms of scientific knowledge.

A few weeks before the start of the Tara Pacific expedition, we welcome the efforts of France and the ongoing mobilization of the nations for the ocean and climate. Alongside the Ocean & Climate Platform, Tara remains fully committed to ensuring the implementation of the promises and programs announced at the COP21.


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