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Organized by Tara Expeditions, this new exhibit is dedicated to the relationship between ocean AND CLIMATE. CREATED IN THE CONTEXT OF THE COP21, THE EXHIBITION FOCUSES ON THE IMPORTANCE OF TAKING INTO ACCOUNT THE OCEAN IN CLIMATE ISSUES.


Through 4 major themes – The Ocean I Breathe; The Ocean that Protects me; The Ocean, Player and Victim of Climate Change; The Ocean, Source of Solutions – this exhibit gives us a better understanding of the essential role the ocean plays in regulating the climate and proposes ways to protect it. Photographs and illustrations take the visitor to the core of the climate machine to learn how the ocean helps regulate the climate. A panoramic video invites guests into the abyss to discover the infinitely small organisms composing the invisible forest of the ocean: phytoplankton. Its role in the daily production of oxygen and storage of CO2 is not well-known, but like the forests, the ocean is an important carbon pump. Did you know that 50% of the oxygen we breathe comes from the oceans?

L'océan, poumon de la planète

Global warming, acidification, rising sea-levels, loss of biodiversity, etc. In continuity with the #OceanForClimate campaign, the new Tara Expeditions exhibition presents challenges to be met: adaptation of coastal areas, preservation of marine ecosystems and their biodiversity and protection of the populations that depend on them.

Fortunately, the ocean is also rich with solutions. If they remain in good health, marine environments can offer many natural responses to climate change. Carbon sink and thermostat of the planet (thanks to currents) – the natural services provided by the ocean are crucial. Marine environments also offer many technical solutions to global warming. The ocean’s resources in terms of renewable energy are inexhaustible and non-polluting.

An aquarium presented by Oceanopolis completes the exhibition with an immersion in the heart of the ocean and its biodiversity. Around a pool housing animals from temperate regions, facilitators will tell stories about the Ocean and Climate, explaining the impacts of climate change on marine life and the solutions developed from projects involving scientists and industrialists in Brittany.


Duration of the visit: 20 to 25 minutes

Bilingual: French and English

An accompanying booklet poses questions children can answer as they visit the exhibition and thus follow along in an active way.

“The Ocean in the 21st Century” was first presented during the COP21 at the Ocean & Climate Pavilion and is now on tour.

Measuring 3.15m high by 1.80m wide, the flexible panels equipped with eyelets can be reused in an identical setup. If available space doesn’t allow such large formats, our digital files of the exhibit can be reworked to accommodate other configurations.

Designed by Tara Expeditions, in partnership with Oceanopolis, Voies Navigables de France, l’ESA, Fondation Veolia, Fond Français pour l’Environnement Mondial, Nausicaa and the Ocean & Climate Platform.

For information about leasing “The Ocean in the 21st Century” exhibition, please contact: Myriam Thomas

L'océan, source de vie