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« Following its role as a major actor in the Human Genome Project, Genoscope has changed its orientation toward environmental genomics. The exploitation of sequence data including experimental determination of biological functions, notably in the domain of biocatalysis, opens up perspectives for developments in industrial biotechnology. It is in this logic of sustainable development that Genoscope is searching for biological solutions in synthetic chemistry, with the aim of reducing pollution and consuming less carbon fossil energy. » Jean Weissenbach, Director of Genoscope

Genoscope, the French National Sequencing Center, was created in 1996 to fulfil the following missions:
-To ensure the participation of France in the Human Genome Project and more generally, to participate in the effort of the developed nations to produce sequence data of general interest with free public access.
-To respond to the large-scale sequencing needs of the national academic community.
-To maintain state-of-the art expertise in the domain of sequencing and sequence analysis.
The Genoscope is a lab involved in the missions led by Tara Expéditions Foundation.