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New scientist partner of the Tara Expeditions Foundation the laboratory of digital sciences of Nantes (“Laboratoire des Sciences du Numérique de Nantes : LS2N” in French) is a new Joint Research Unit (UMR 6004) created in January 2017, resulting from the grouping of the IRCCyN (UMR 6597 : Communication and Cyber Research Institute), and LINA (UMR 6241 : Computer Science Laboratory).

With a strong scientific talent at the heart of digital sciences, this large laboratory of 450 people participates fully in the digital revolution of our society on the scientific and technical subjects it implements, but consciously of the societal challenges that this revolution engenders, while remaining curious and openminded to other disciplines. The complexity of the research objects that we are studying also forces us to adopt a global systemic approach in which computer concerns, automatic control, signal and image processing are interwoven in order to answer the questions asked by open, interactive, communicating and ubiquitous systems.