VIB – Vlaams Institut voor Biotech

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Created in Belgium in 1995 at the initiative of the Flemish government, VIB (Vlaams Instituut voor Biotechnologie) is a non-profit support structure for a particular scientific domain working towards both excellence in research and transformation of the results of such research into economic growth. Their mission is to conduct frontline biomolecular research in life sciences for the benefit of scientific progress and the benefit of society.  

This life sciences research institute is located in Flanders, Belgium. With more than 1300 scientists from over 60 countries, they perform basic research into the molecular foundations of life.

As an entrepreneurial institute, VIB also focuses on translating basic scientific results into pharmaceutical, agricultural and industrial applications.

VIB works in close partnership with four universities − UGent, KU Leuven, University of Antwerp and Vrije Universiteit Brussel and is funded by the Flemish government.