Eric Karsenti, member of the French Académie des sciences

© Romain Troublé / Tara Expeditions Foundation

On Tuesday 29 May 2018, under the cupola of the Institut de France, the reception ceremony of 18 new Members took place. They were elected by the plenary assembly in December 2017.

Eric Karsenti, scientific coordinator of Tara Oceans and work package leader in OCEANOMICS project is one of these members newly welcomed inside this prestigious academy.

As director of the expedition’s scientific team between 2009 and 2013, Eric Karsenti helped to significantly advance our understanding of marine world biodiversity and opened a new frontier in knowledge of the Ocean. For the first time almost all viruses, bacteria and small eukaryotes have been characterized. In some kingdoms the number of identified organisms has increased from 10,000 to almost 150,000.

This prestigious status acknowledges his career and the importance of his latest work on the planktonic world, carried out during the tara oceans expedition.

Eric Karsenti, new member at the French Académie des sciences – © Tara Expeditions Foundation

The Académie des sciences has two callings : since it was created, it has being resolutely committed to the advancement of science and has advised government authorities in the different fields of science represented by its members.
Then, standing committees and working parties are in charge of five fundamental missions :

• Encourager la vie scientifique
• Encouraging the scientific life
• Promoting the teaching of science
• Transmitting knowledge
• Fostering international collaborations
• Ensuring a dual role of expertise and advice

Congratulations Eric ! All member of The Tara Foundation is pleased to congratulate Eric for this new acknowledgement well deserved. We can rely on his flawless commitment to promote again, among others, the importance of the knowledge on the marine ecosystems diversity, essential for our planet health.

For more information, please have a look at the Académie des sciences website where you would also be able to watch a conference about Tara Oceans given by Eric in February 2016 (both links redirect to webpages in french).

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