Eric Gilson

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Tara PACIFIC Coordinator (University of Nice Côte d’Azur / Telomere /Aging) – FR

Professor of Cell Biology at the Medical School of the University of Nice, the head of the Institute for Research on Cancer and Aging (IRCAN), a CNRS/INSERM/University of Nice laboratory of 15 teams devoted to the aging biology and the chief of the research team named « Telomere, Senescence and Cancer ».

His research is internationally respected and recognized as pioneer in the field of telomeres with more than 100 publications on this topic and 3 prestigious awards (including the Allianz Foundation-Institute of France prize). His team has been several times at the forefront in the discovery of key actors in telomeres such as the major human telomere capping protein TRF2 in the 1990’s, Apollo involved in progeroid syndroms or of new concepts such as the importance of telomeric DNA topology in chromosome stability or recently the extra-telomeric functions of TRF2 in cancer immunosurveillance, senescence, stress response and neurogenesis. Pr E. Gilson organized several international meetings (for example the recent J. Monod conference on « Comparative Biology of Aging ») and is member of EMBO and of Academia Europaea.

During the TARA-PACIFIC expedition he coordinates the telomere project, aimed at interrogate at an unprecedented ecological scale the concept of telomere as a cumulative sensor of environmental injuries and longevity. From that, he hopes to reveal unexpected connections between biodiversity, environmental stress, telomeres and aging.