Colomban de Vargas

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Tara Oceans

 Tara Oceans coordinator (CNRS/UPMC) – Swiss

Colomban de Vargas is DR CNRS and leader of the EPEP – Evolution of Pelagic Ecosystems & Protists – team at the Station Biologique de RoscoffHe pioneered the use of combined genetic,morphological, and geological data to assess rates and modes of biodiversity change in marine unicellular eukaryotes or protists on various ecological to geological time scales. Along his 20-years long scientific career from Tahiti (MSc, 1995) to Switzerland (PhD, 2000), USA (PostDoc at Harvard and Assistant Professorship at Rutgers), and France, CdV has supervised >15 PhD students and postdocs, and coordinated major research programs on marine plankton (paleo)ecology. In Tara-Coral, CdV and his team will provide expertise in production, and bioinformatics and statistical analyses of the various DNA metabarcoding datasets.