Gaby Gorsky

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Tara Oceans

Gaby Gorsky is director of Observatoire de Villefranche/mer – France – CNRS/UPMC. From 2009, he is a scientific coordinator of Tara Oceans. He is also a scientific director of Tara Oceans Polar Circle.

Gaby Gorsky was born in 1947 in Czechoslovakia. In 1980, he finishes his Phd about plankton at the Pierre et Marie Curie University and in 1982 he is hired by the CNRS at the Observatoire Oceanologique of Villefranche-sur-mer (intern college of the Pierre et Marie Curie University). 28 years later, in 2010, Gaby Gorsky is appointed as Director.

As a passionate about plankton life, he invents, together with his researchers team, tools to picture the organisms that leave in the deep. Until one day, he was surprised by the quantity off what he calls “marine snow” and asked himself a question: why i this “snow” there? What for? The answer to these questions will contribute to unveiling one of the central function of the ocean: the “biologic pumps” and the storage of a part of atmospheric carbon deep in the sea.

He is currently working on jellyfishes and on the presence of plastic floating in the Mediterranean sea. He is engaged in programs that follow plastic and study its impact on marine ecosystem. He is convinced that a rigorous and multidisciplinary  follow-up is necessary in the long run.