Tara Arctic, a New Zealander’s epic voyage

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Tara Arctic is the story of a rather unlikely voyage spanning 21 years from conception to realization, which lasted from September 3rd, 2006 to January 21st, 2008. It is the story of an expedition in the yacht Tara, formerly Sir Peter Blake’s boat, across the frozen Arctic Ocean, drifting out of control, not aimlessly but certainly lacking any definite idea of where they would end up or how long it would take.

On board was a group of sailors, scientists, doctors, musicians, artists and journalists. The expedition was a significant part of Damocles (Developing Arctic Modelling and Observing Capabilities for Long-term Environmental Studies), which aimed to observe, understand, and quantify the Arctic climate changes to assist global warming decision-making. These 506 days gave the possibility to collect a huge amount of data about oceans, the atmosphere and the ice pack.

The author: Grant Redvers, 33, was leader during the whole expedition and this is his story of a very special yacht and her crew, their lives on the ice, the daily trials and tribulations,the physical and mental challenges, and the highs and lows. He has a masters in Environmental Sciences and is the only crew member who stayed on the boat the whole time, without interruption.

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Author: Grant Redvers
2009 / 15,5 x 21 cm
320 pages + 16 page photo booklet containing 40 drawings made by the author
Paulsen Edition
Preface by Jean-Louis Etienne
Translated from English (New Zealand) to French by Christian de Marliave