Journal d’une scientifique

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On September, 5th 2009 the schooner Tara left Lorient for a 2 year and a half expedition across the planet’s oceans.

Researcher in Biology, Sophie Nicaud had the chance to take part in this adventure and to draw from it a logbook she shares with us. In the company of oceanographers, bilogists, geneticists and physicists, Sophie depicts life on board and explains how the link important link between the plankton and the climate. Not only is the plankton rapidly affected by climate changes, but it can also impact on the climate by modifying carbon absorption. The scientists’ work, plankton sampling procedure, hardships encountered as well as the extraordinary stopovers are beautifully illustrated and embark children aboard this one of a kind sailboat, to improve their knowledge of Tara’s missions and, mayby, awaken within them a vocation as researcher.

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Author : Sophie Nicaud – Illustrating artist: Chimène Henriquez
March 2012
Size: 13 x 20 cm / paperback / 132 pages in 4 colours
Le Pommier Editions
From the age of 13 onwards