Nuit Polaire, Eté austral by Vincent Hilaire

© La Baleine V.Hilaire/Tara Expéditions

Vincent Hilaire’s beautiful book (published by Magellan & Co captures Tara’s Arctic and Antarctic missions in 80 black & white photos. The text is comprised of logbook entries, with a preface by Isabelle Autissier, President of the WWF Fund.

The author, Vincent Hilaire:

After more than 20 years working for news media – national and regional daily newspapers, radio and especially television news, Vincent Hilaire has been managing an art gallery since 2013. Correspondent  aboard Tara since 2007, he spent a total of one and a half years on the boat, during 3 different expeditions, including a polar winter locked in the Arctic ice pack (as part of International Polar Year). From September to November 2013, he sailed for 3 months from Pevek (Russia) to Quebec during the Tara Oceans Polar Circle expedition.

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Nuit Polaire, Eté Austral – Carnets des Pôles
Editions Magellan & Cie
Textes et Photographies de Vincent HILAIRE
96 pages – 30.00 € – Sortie septembre 2011