Voyage around the Arctic aboard Tara, by Vincent Hilaire.

© V.Hilaire/Tara Expéditions

The incredible Tara Oceans Polar Circle Expedition, as recounted in text and photos by Vincent Hilaire, correspondent aboard the schooner for 3 months in the Arctic. Many amazing sequences of the adventure filmed by the author can be accessed via QR codes though out the book. 

Written by Vincent Hilaire, with a foreword by Patrick Poivre d’Arvor (Editions Hachette, in French only)

Tara is a boat designed for adventure and scientific research in polar regions. The expedition Tara Oceans Polar Circle in 2013 was an extraordinary project: 25,000 kilometers around the pole for 6 months, collecting plankton to study Arctic biodiversity and understand the impact of the melting ice pack on the polar marine ecosystem.

Tara is also a human adventure: a changing team of sailors, scientists, journalists, mechanics and cooks cohabit for months, sharing meals and scientific experiments, surrounded by ice, bears, the aurora borealis, and Inuit.

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The author, Vincent Hilaire:

After more than 20 years working for news media – national and regional daily newspapers, radio and especially television news, Vincent Hilaire has been managing an art gallery since 2013. Correspondent  aboard Tara since 2007, he spent a total of one and a half years on the boat, during 3 different expeditions, including a polar winter locked in the Arctic ice pack (as part of International Polar Year). From September to November 2013, he sailed for 3 months from Pevek (Russia) to Quebec during the Tara Oceans Polar Circle expedition.