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“Zoom by Disneyature” is launched:  a digital experience to connect yourself with nature – an open window on the planet.

In 2008, Jean-Francois Camilleri created Disneynature, aiming to make films from stories that only nature knows how to write, and also to raise awareness of the Earth’s astonishing beauty. To tell these stories with passion and enthusiasm, Disneynature works with the best talents in the most remote places on the planet.

Today Disneynature continues its mission with a new digital experience of nature, “Zoom by Disneynature.”

“Using the force of digital technology, we add an extra dimension to the vocation of Disneynature. Our wish is to reconnect humans with the cycle of nature and seasonality by offering a new perspective on biodiversity.” (Jean-Francois Camilleri)

Each day the “Zoom by Disneynature” website offers fascinating stories via short news clips and reports on natural phenomena and animal behavior. “Zoom by Disneynature” structures information around themes such as wildlife, oceans, forests, water and earth (deserts, mountains, grasslands, steppes and savannas), with 2 geographic entries: France (metropolitan and overseas) and international.

 “Zoom by Disneynature” offers you:

· Maps illustrating the latest news from France and around the world.

· Images captured by great nature photographers.

· Information about important upcoming dates and international discussions at the UN; events in France involving biodiversity.

· Stories about the amazing, funny and strange behavior of fauna and flora; Results of scientific studies to better understand natural phenomena and follow their geographical evolution.

· Maps of the many seasonal migrations of animals over earth, sea and sky.

 Zoom by Disneynature” offers you the perspectives of our scientific partners and also of “Witnesses of Nature” on extraordinary but also on ordinary biodiversity.

Tara Expeditions is a partner in this project. We share stories about nature as seen and experienced over the seasons in areas critical for biodiversity in France and around the world.

Adopting the approach of participatory science,“Witnesses of Nature” are people passionate about nature who want to contribute their very own stories. Starting today “Zoom by Disneynature” is forming a community of people who capture snapshots of nature (a beautiful flower; an animal encountered during a walk in the woods; colors announcing the change of season in the city). “Witnesses of Nature” are children and families who want to become actors in “Zoom by Disneynature.”

The Zoom by Disneynature website is available on computer, tablet and mobile

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