E-POP project

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The ePOP project (“eParticipatory Observers Project ”) is the first transmedia network for the preservation of island and coastal environments.

It was initiated by RFI Planète Radio (part of France Media Monde Group) and developed with the IRD (National French Research institute for Sustainable Development) and many partners including the Tara Expeditions Foundation.

The “ePOP” members are autonomous young observer-reporters from the Pacific, who meet local people and older generations who experience direct consequences of climate change in their environment and lives. Using only their mobile phones, they collect and record testimonies and observations.

The project has a collaborative website with audiovisual reports from members of the ePOP network. Workshops have been established in different countries that facilitate the exchange of skills between young members of ePOP.

During the Tara Pacific expedition, two young members of ePOP were welcomed aboard Tara during the mission Fiji-New Zealand and New Caledonia. They shared the daily life of the crew and scientists while conducting interviews and making videos.

The Tara Expeditions Foundation strongly supports the philosophy of this international network serving young people, intergenerational relationships and knowledge sharing.


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