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Involved in social causes in France and around the world, EDF Foundation supports positive and innovative projects to contribute to build an united, fair and human society.

This is why EDF Foundation has been Tara Expeditions’ partner for several times and boards again in 2015 with us, in order to raise young people’s awareness to the role of the oceans.

During the Conference of the Parties in December 2015 (COP21), EDF Foundation and Tara Expeditions will work together on developing informative tools and raising young generations’ awareness on the fundamental role of the ocean in climate change (insisting on the fact that the ocean stores the major part of solar energy and redistributes it all around the world, influencing continental climates or acting as a reminder that climate acts like a “carbon sinks” that regulates the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere).

Moreover, EDF Foundation will finance the publication of Tara Junior newspaper in 40.000 copies (30.000 in French and 10.000 in English), reaching no less than 40.000 young people around the world!

Besides, visits will be organized aboard Tara when the schooner will come to Paris in December, welcoming 4.000 school kids. There will be instructive workshops in the “Ocean & Climate” space, set near to the Petit Palais where  the summit of local gouvernments for Climate will take place, and next to the Grand Palais where a special week about solutions for climate will take place .

Finally, this great collaboration will also include visits by Tara Expeditions members in schools and special activities for 2.500 children. Promising figures for a wonderful human adventure!